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This site is devoted to correcting Pre-War Minor League Baseball Player Biographies. 

Every player who ever donned a uniform and played even one game for a professional minor league baseball team deserves recognition. Players who played for a particular team, but, whose statistics or mention have not been corralled deserve correcting. The statistics and information out there is spotty, but, not unfixable. Some players have up to 9 different records on Baseball-Reference for the same player. They should be combined to show the accurate minor league record for that player. Some Major League player's minor league record is either incomplete or inaccurate. This information shows up on other baseball sites, wikipedia, player bio's and all over the internet and it is incomplete !!!

This blog attempts to get the record closer to correct. Daily we will be adding players' updated information. 

In order not to convolute the site, references will not be noted, but, are available upon request. 

If you wish to have a particular ballplayer researched and added to the site, just contact us at and for a donation of your choosing we will add. An enormous amount of time is devoted to making the data correct, any help is appreciated. 

Bill Ebmeyer
William E Ebmeyer
Positions: Pitcher
Bats:                                  Throws: Right
Height: 5’11                       Weight:  195
Born: 7/23/1897                  Died:  9/1983

Year    Age   Team                                      Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference

1921 (1) 23   Muskogee Mets                     SWLG   D    None    (Listed as Ebmeyer)

Oliver Eckart
Oliver Benjamin Eckart
Positions: Pitcher
Bats: Right                            Throws: Right
Height:  6’2                            Weight: 172
Born:   11/16/1907                Died: 12/12/1976

Year      Age   Team                                Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1931 (1) 23     Quincy Indians               IIIL     B     None    (Listed as Eckart)
1932       24     Quincy Indians               IIIL     B     None    (Available)
1932       24     Terre Haute Tots           IIIL     B     None    (Available)

1935 (2)  27    Cedar Rapids Raiders    WL     A     None    (Listed as Eckart)

Al Eckert
Albert George Eckert
Positions: Pitcher 
Bats:  Left                             Throws: Left
Height:  5’10                         Weight:  175
Born:  5/17/1906                  Died:  4/20/1974

Year    Age   Team                                       Lg      Lev     Aff        Baseball Reference
1929 (1) 23   Dubuque Tigers                   MSVL   D      None    (Listed as Eckert)
1930      24   Cincinnati Reds                    NL      MLB   CIN       (Available)
1930      24    Peoria Tractors                   IIIL       B      None    (Available)
1930      24    Columbus Senators            AA       AA     CIN       (Available)
1931      25    Cincinnati Reds                   NL       MLB CIN        (Available)                      
1931      25    Columbus Red Birds           AA        AA    None    (Available)
1932      26    Rochester Red Wings         IL         AA    STL      (Available)
1933      27    Rochester Red Wings         IL         AA    STL      (Available)
1933 (2) 27   Elmira Red Wings                NYPL    B     STL      (Not Listed)
1934      28    Elmira Red Wings                NYPL    B     STL      (Available)
1934      28    Syracuse Chiefs                  IL         AA    BOS     (Available)
1935      29   St. Louis Cardinals              NL       MLB  STL     (Available)
1935      29   Rochester Red Wings          IL         AA    AA       (Available)
1936 (3) 30   Memphis Chickasaws        SOUA   A1    NYG    (Not Listed)

******* has Eckert listed as playing for the Williamsport Grays in 1933. In fact, he did not play for Willamsport, but, for Elmira in the NYSL.

C.J. Eckert
Positions: Pitcher               
Bats:                                  Throws: Right
Height:                               Weight: 
Born:                                   Died: 

Year    Age   Team                                             Lg      Lev   Aff         Baseball Reference
1913 (1)        Wilkes-Barre Barons                  NYSL    B    None    (Not Listed)
1913 (1)        Syracuse Stars                           NYSL    B    None    (Not Listed)
1913 (1)        York White Roses                       TRIS     B     None    (Not Listed)

1913              Atlantic City                                TRIS     B     None    (Available) 

Harry Edwards              Nickname: “Tippy”
Positions: Shortstop, Third Baseman
Bats:                                  Throws: Right
Height:                               Weight:
Born:                                  Died: 

Year    Age   Team                                           Lg      Lev    Aff       Baseball Reference
1911 (1)        Suffolk                                        TIDE     D     None   (Not Listed)
1911             Greenville Spinners                    CARA   D     None   (Available)
1912 (2)        Salem Quakers                           OHPA   D     None   (Not Listed)
1913 (3)        Holyoke Papermakers                EASA   B     None   (Not Listed)
1913             Meriden Hopes                            EASA   B     None   (Available)
1913 (4)        Albany Senators                         NYSL    B     None   (Not Listed)               
1914             Albany Senators                         NYSL    B     None   (Available)

****** Baseball-Reference has Harry Edwards playing for Meridian in 1911. That was James Edwards.

Jimmy Edwards
James Edwards       
Positions: First Baseman, Second Baseman
Bats:                                 Throws: Right
Height:                              Weight:
Born:  1884                        Died: 

Year    Age   Team                                    Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1910 (1) 26   Augusta Tourists                 SALL    B    None    (Not Listed)
1910      26   Portsmouth Truckers          OHSL    D    None    (Available)
1910 (2) 26   Meridian White Ribbons      CSTL    D    None    (Listed as Harry Edwards)
1911 (3) 27   Meridian White Ribbons      CSTL    D    None    (Not Listed)
1911      27   Portsmouth Cobblers           OHSL   D    None    (Available)
1912      28   Portsmouth Cobblers           OHSL   D    None    (Available)
1913      29   Portsmouth Cobblers           OHSL   D    None    (Available)
1914      30   Portsmouth Cobblers           OHSL   D    None    (Available)
1915      31   Greensboro Patriots             NCSL   D    None    (Available)
1915      31   Rocky Mount Carolinians     VIRL    C    None    (Available)
1916      32   Rocky Mount Carolinians     VIRL    C    None    (Available)

******* Baseball-Reference has Edwards playing for Columbus in the SALL. He actually played for Augusta. There is no evidence that he played for Columbus. 

Sherman Edwards
Sherman Stanley Edwards
Positions: Pitcher

Bats:  Right                            Throws: Right
Height:  6’0                             Weight:  165
Born:  7/25/1909                    Died:  3/8/1992

Year    Age   Team                                       Lg      Lev   Aff      Baseball Reference
1930 (1) 20   El Paso Texans                    AZSL   D     None   (Not Listed)
1931 (2) 21   El Paso Texans                    AZTX   D     None   (Not Listed)
1932      22    El Paso Texans                    AZTX   D     None   (Available)
1933      23    El Dorado Lions                    DIXL    C     None   (Available)
1934      24    El Dorado Lions                    DIXL    C     None   (Available)
1934      24    Cincinnati Reds                    NL        MLB CIN    (Available)
1935      25    El Dorado Lions                    DIXL    C      None  (Available)

1936      26    Cleveland A’s                        CSTL   C      None  (Available)

Harold Egerer
Harold Samuel Egerer
Positions: Catcher

Bats:                                      Throws: Right
Height:                                   Weight: 195
Born:  2/3/1915  (1)              Died:  11/5/1976  (1)

Year     Age    Team                                      Lg      Lev   Aff        Baseball Reference
1936 (1) 21     Indianapolis Indians           AA     AA     None   (Listed as Egerer)

1936      21      Crookson Pirates                NORL D      None   (Available)

Mose Eggert          
Elmer Albert Eggert
Positions: Third Baseman, Second Baseman
Bats:  Right                      Throws:  Right
Height:    5’9                     Weight:  160
High School: East High School  (Rochester, NY)
Born:   1/29/1902              Died:  4/9/1971

Year    Age   Team                                Lg      Lev    Aff        Baseball Reference
1925    23     Dover Dobbins                 ESHL D       None   (Available)
1926    24     Dover Senators               ESHL D       None   (Available)
1927    25     Boston Red Sox              AL      MLB  BOS     (Available)
1927 (1) 25   Portland Eskimos          NENL B       None   (Listed as Eggert)
1928     26    Mobile Bears                   SOUA A       None   (Available)
1929     27    Mobile Bears                   SOUA A       None   (Available)
1930     28    Dallas Steers                  TL       A       None   (Available)
1930     28    Des Moines Demons      WL      A       None   (Available)
1931     29    Des Moines Demons      WL      A       None   (Available)
1931     29    Topeka Senators           WL      A       None   (Available)
1932     30    Nashville Volunteers     SOUA A       None   (Available)
1932     30    Tulsa Oilers                     WL      A      None    (Available)
1933     31    Oklahoma City Indians  TL       A      None    (Available)
1933     31    Tulsa Oilers                     TL       A      None    (Available)

Harry Eleazer         Nickname: “Flick”
Harry L Eleazer
Positions: Third Baseman, Second Baseman
Bats:                                 Throws:  Right
Height:                              Weight:  
College: Newberry College 29’ (Newberry, SC)  (4)
Born:  3/1/1906   (1)        Died:  11/1977  (1)

Year        Age   Team                                          Lg       Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1928        22     Salisbury-Spencer Colonels  PIED    C     None   (Available)
1929        23     Salisbury-Spencer Colonels  PIED    C     None   (Available)
1929 (2)  23     Columbia Comers                     SALL   B     None   (Listed as Eleazer)
1930        24     High Point Pointers                 PIED    C     None   (Available)
1931 (4)  25     Anderson Electrics/Spartanburg PALM D None (Not Listed)
1932 (3)  26     South Bend Twins                   CENL   B     None   (Listed as Eleazer)

Carter Elliott
Carter Ward Elliott
Positions: Shortstop
Bats:  Left                          Throws: Right
Height:  5’11                      Weight:  170
Born:  11/29/1893             Died: 5/21/1959

Year    Age   Team                                           Lg         Lev     Aff         Baseball Reference
1915     21    Portland Beavers                        PCL     AA      None   (Available)
1918     24    Sacramento Senators                 PCL      AA     None   (Available)
1920     26    Victoria Islanders                       PCIL     B       None   (Available)
1920     26    Seattle Rainers                           PCL     AA      None   (Available)
1921     27    Seattle Rainers                           PCL     AA      None   (Available)
1921 (1) 27   Yakima Indians                           PCIL     B       None   (Listed as Elliott)

1921      27   Chicago Cubs                              NL       MLB   CHC     (Available)

Dewey Elliott
Positions: Pitcher
Bats:                                   Throws: Right
Height:                                Weight:
Born:                                   Died: 

Year    Age   Team                                           Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1921 (1)        Salt Lake City Bees                   PCL     AA    None   (Listed as G. Elliott)
1925 (2)        Shamokin Shammies                 NYPL   B      None   (Listed as Elliott)
1926 (3)        Salt Lake City Bees                   UTID    C      None   (Not Listed)

Bill Ellis
William E Ellis
Positions: Pitcher

Bats:                                    Throws: Right
Height:                                 Weight: 
Born:                                    Died: 

Year    Age   Team                                         Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1909 (1)       Jonesboro                               ARSL   D     None    (Not Listed)
1910 (1)       Hutchinson Salt Packers      KSSL   D    None    (Not Listed)
1910 (1)       Superior Brickmakers           NESL   D     None   (Listed as Ellis)
1911 (1)       Wichita Jobbers/Pueblo        WL       A     None   (Listed as Ellis)
1912             Wichita Witches                     WL        A     None   (Available)
1913             Wichita Witches                     WL        A     None   (Available)
1913             Louisville Colonels                AA       AA    None   (Available)
1914             Louisville Colonels                AA       AA    None   (Available)
1915             Louisville Colonels                AA       AA    None   (Available)
1916             Nashville Volunteers            SOUA   A     None   (Available)
1917             Nashville Volunteers            SOUA   A     None   (Available)
1918             Mobile Bears                          SOUA   A    None   (Available)
1919             Mobile Bears                          SOUA   A    None   (Available)
1921             Mobile Bears                          SOUA   A    None   (Available)
1924             Mobile Bears                          SOUA   A    None   (Available)
1925             Mobile Bears                          SOUA   A    None   (Available)
1925             Nashville Volunteers            SOUA   A    None   (Available)

1926             Nashville Volunteers            SOUA   A    None   (Available)

Frank Ellison              Nickname: “Red”
Positions: Pitcher
Bats:                                      Throws: Right
Height:                                   Weight:  
College: University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC) 28’
Born:                                       Died:  

Year    Age   Team                                     Lg      Lev   Aff        Baseball Reference
1928 (1)        Kinston Eagles                   ECAR   D     None   (Listed as Ellison)
1929 (2)        Wilmington Pirates            ECAR   D     None   (Listed as Ellison)
1930 (3)        Joplin Miners                      WA       C     None   (Listed as Ellison)

1931 (4)        Galveston Buccaneers     TL        A     None   (Listed as C. Ellison)

Verdo Elmore
Verdo Wilson Elmore
Positions: Outfielder
Bats:   Left                       Throws:  Right
Height:   5’11                   Weight:  185
College: University of Alabama
Born:   12/10/1899            Died: 8/5/1969

Year      Age   Team                                        Lg       Lev     Aff       Baseball Reference
1924     24      Muskegon Anglers                MION   B        None   (Available)
1924 (1) 24     Danville Veterans                  IIIL       B        None   (Listed as Elmore)
1924      24     St. Louis Browns                    AL        MLB  SLB      (Available)
1925      25     Texarkana Twins                   ETXL   D        None   (Available)
1929      29     Anniston Nobles                     GAAL   D        None   (Available)

Fred Elrod
Positions: Pitcher
Bats:                                 Throws:  
Height:                              Weight:  
College: Furman University 30’
Born:                                 Died:  

Year        Age  Team                                             Lg       Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1930   (1)         Chambersburg Young Yanks    BLRI    D      None   (Listed as Elrod)
1931   (2)         Scranton Miners                        NYPL   B      None   (Not Listed)
1932   (3)         South Bend Twins                     CENL   B      None   (Listed as Elrod)

Wesley Embry
Wesley Dunn Embry
Positions: Pitcher
Bats:                                    Throws:
Height:                                 Weight: 
High School: Stanford High School  (Frankfort, KY)
Born:  7/6/1893                     Died:  1/10/1973

Year    Age   Team                                        Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1912     18     Frankfort Lawmakers          BLGR   D     None   (Listed as Embry)
1912     18     Lexington Colts                    BLGR   D     None   (Listed as Embry)

Harold Emerich
Positions: Outfielder

Bats:                                      Throws:
Height:                                   Weight:  
Born:                                      Died:  

Year    Age   Team                                       Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1920 (1)        Indianapolis Indians            AA     AA     None  (Listed as Emerich)
1920 (1)        St. Joseph Saints                 WL    A       None   (Listed as Emerick)

Howard Emerson
Positions: Pitcher
Bats:                                    Throws:
Height:                                 Weight: 
Born:                                    Died: 

Year    Age   Team                                      Lg      Lev   Aff        Baseball Reference
1932 (1)        Tucson Lizards                    AZTX   D     None   (Listed as Emerson)

Jeff Emerson
Jeffrey W Emerson
Positions: Catcher
Bats:   Right                Throws: Right
Height:   5’8                      Weight:    160
Born:   1907                        Died:

Year    Age   Team                                Lg      Lev   Aff      Baseball Reference
1928(1) 21    Bloomington Bloomers  IIIL     B      None  (Listed as Jack Emmerson)
1928(1) 21    Quincy Indians                IIIL     B      None  (Listed as Jack Emmerson)
1929     22     Quincy Indians                IIIL     B      None  (Available)
1929     22     Keokuk Indians              MSVL  D     None  (Available)
1930(2) 23    Burlington Bees              MSVL  D     None  (Not Listed)
1931     24     Burlington Bees              MSVL  D     None  (Available)
1931     24     Davenport Blue Sox       MSVL  D     None  (Available)
1933     26     Jersey City Skeeters      IL       AA    None  (Available)
1934     27     Columbia/Asheville          PIED  B      BOS    (Available)
1936     29     Palatka Azaleas               FLOR  D     DET    (Available)
1936     29     St. Augustine Saints       FLOR  D     None  (Available)
1937     30     Palatka Azaleas               FLOR  D     NYY    (Available)
1937     30     Deland Reds                      FLOR  D     CIN     (Available)
1938     31     Palatka Azaleas                FLOR  D     None  (Available)  
1939     32     Palatka Azaleas                FLOR  D     None  (Available)

Eli Enger
Elert Monroe Enger
Positions: Second Baseman
Bats:                                      Throws:    
Height:                                  Weight:    
Born:   10/7/1903                   Died: 2/24/1996

Year    Age   Team                              Lg      Lev   Aff      Baseball Reference
1926(1) 22    Marshalltown Ansons  MSVL  D   None  (Listed as Enger)
1927      23    St. Paul Saints              AA      AA  None   (Available)
1927      23    Indianapolis Indians    AA      AA  None   (Available)
1928(2)  24   Peoria Tractors            IIIL     B    None    (Listed as Enger)
1928(2)  24   Quincy Red Birds          IIIL     B    None    (Listed as Enger)
1933      29    Superior Blues              NORL D    None    (Available)
1934      30    Superior Blues              NORL D    None    (Available)

Ben Erwin
Positions: Pitcher
Bats:                                 Throws:  Right
Height:                              Weight:  
Born:                                 Died:

Year      Age   Team                                        Lg       Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1932  (1)         Monroe Twins                       CSTL    D     STL     (Listed as Erwin)

Larry Erwin
Positions: Outfielder
Bats:                                  Throws:
Height:                               Weight:  
Born:                                  Died: 

Year    Age   Team                                      Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1921 (1)        Muskogee Mets                     SWLG   D    None   (Listed as Erwin)
1921              Tulsa Oilers                          WL        A    None   (Available)
1922              Okmulgee Drillers                 WA       C    None   (Available)
1923 (2)         McAlester Diggers                WA       C    None   (Listed as Erwin)
1923 (2)         Joplin Miners                        WA       C    None   (Listed as Erwin)
1924              Joplin/Bartlesville/Ardmore  WA       C    None   (Available)
1925               Independence Producers    WA        C    None   (Available)
1925               Okmulgee Drillers                WA       C     None   (Available)
1926               Okmulgee Drillers                WA       C     None   (Available)
1926               Fort Smith Twins                 WA        C    None   (Available)
1927               Topeka Jayhawks                WA        C    None   (Available)

1927               Fort Smith Twins                 WA        C    None   (Available)

Edward Ery               Nickname: “Bugs”
Edward William Ery                                                                          
Positions: Pitcher/Outfielder/First Baseman/Third Baseman
Bats:                                    Throws: Right
Height:                                Weight:
Born: 6/26/1890                   Died: 2/2/1949

Year    Age   Team                                           Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1911 (6) 21   Hattiesburg Woodpeckers         CSTL    D    None    (Not Listed)
1911 (1) 21   Mobile Sea Gulls                        SOUA   A    None    (Listed as Ery)
1912 (2) 22   Bessemer Pipemakers              SEAL    D     None    (Not Listed)
1912      22    Macon Peaches                        SALL    C     None     (Available)
1913      23    Opelika Opelicans                    GAAL    D    None     (Available)
1913      23    Birmingham Barons                  SOUA   A     None     (Available)
1914      24    Opelika Pelicans                       GAAL    D    None     (Available)
1915      25    Valdosta Millionaires                FAGL    D    None     (Available)
1916      26    Charlotte Hornets                     NCSL    D    None    (Available)
1917 (3) 27    Charlotte Hornets                     NCSL    D    None    (Not Listed)
1919      29    Columbia Comers                      SALL    C    None    (Available)
1919      29    Augusta Dollies                         SALL    C    None    (Available)
1919      29    Lakeland Highlanders               FLOR    D    None    (Available)
1920      30    Lakeland Highlanders               FLOR    D    None    (Available)
1920 (4) 30    Daytona Beach Islanders         FLOR    D     None   (Available)
1921       31   Orlando Tigers                           FLOR   C     None   (Available)
1922       32   Lakeland Highlanders               FLOR    C     None   (Available)
1923       33   Lakeland Highlanders               FLOR    C     None   (Available)
1924       34   Lakeland Highlanders               FLOR    D     None   (Available)
1925 (5)  35   Lakeland Highlanders               FLOR    D     None  (Not Listed)

Bill Etheridge
William M Etheridge
Positions: Outfielder, First Baseman
Bats:   Left                            Throws: Left
Height:                                   Weight:
Born:                                      Died:  

Year    Age   Team                                     Lg      Lev   Aff          Baseball Reference
1921 (1)        Abilene Eagles                    WTXL   D    None   (Not Listed)
1922 (1)        Abilene Eagles                    WTXL   D    None   (Not Listed)
1924              Corsicana Oilers                TEXA    D    None   (Available)
1925 (2)        Corsicana Oilers                TEXA    D    None   (Not Listed)
1926              Corsicana Oilers                TEXA    D    None   (Available)
1928              Corsicana Oilers                LONE    D    None   (Available)
1929              Mesa Jewels                      AZSL    D    None   (Available)
1929              Globe Bears                        AZSL    D    None   (Available)
1930 (3)        Globe Bears                        AZSL    D    None   (Not Listed)
1930 (3)        El Paso Texans                  AZSL    D    None   (Not Listed)
1931 (4)        El Paso Texans                  AZTX    D    None   (Not Listed)
1931 (4)        Bisbee Bees                       AZTX    D    None   (Not Listed)

***** Etheridge is listed by Baseball-Reference as playing for Spartanburg and Columbia in the SALL in 1923. This was actually an as yet identified Pitcher named Etheridge.

***** Etheridge is listed by Baseball-Reference as playing for the Tulsa Oilers in 1928. That was actually Joel Ethridge a Catcher. 

Joel Ethridge                  Nickname: “Bam”
Joel Eric Ethridge
Positions: Catcher
Bats:                                      Throws: Right
Height:                                   Weight:
Born:  11/13/1902                Died:  5/8/1988

Year    Age   Team                                       Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1928 (1) 25   Tulsa Oilers                          WA      C      None   (Listed as Bill Etheridge)
1928 (1) 25   Muskogee Chiefs                 WA      C     None    (Listed as Ethridge)
1929 (2) 26   Columbus Foxes                  SEAL   B     None   (Listed as J. Ethridge)
1939 (3) 36   Yakima Pippins                    WINT   B     None   (Listed as J. Ethridge)

Arthur Etten          Nickname: “Tiny”
Arthur Peter Etten
Positions: Pitcher
Bats:                                   Throws:  Right
Height:  6’6    (3)                Weight:  200   
Born:  8/18/1898   (1)        Died:  6/24/1959  (1)

Year        Age   Team                                    Lg       Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1919  (2)  20     Bloomington Bloomers    IIIL      B      None    (Not Listed)
1920         21     Kalamazoo Celery Pickers CENL B   None    (Listed as Etten)
1920  (3)  21     Terre Haute Browns        IIIL       B     None    (Listed as Etten)
1921         22     Muskegon Muskies         CENL    B     None    (Listed as Etten)
1921         22     Jackson/Ionia                  CENL    B     None    (Listed as Etten)
1922         23     Albany Senators              EL         A     None    (Available)
1923         24     Albany Senators              EL         A     None    (Available)
1923         24     Waterbury Brasscos       EL         A     None    (Available)
1924  (4)  25      Danville Veterans            IIIL       B      None   (Listed as Etten)

Art Evans
William Arthur Evans
Positions: Pitcher
Bats:  Both       Throws: Left
Height:  6’1         Weight:  181
Born:   8/3/1911            Died:  1/8/1952

Year    Age     Team                                  Lg       Lev      Aff         Baseball Reference
1932    20     Independence                 WA       C        None         (Available #2)
1932    20     Chicago White Sox         AL        MLB   CHW          (Available #1)
1932(2) 20   Waterloo Hawks              MSVL  D        CHW          (Available #2)
1933    21     Hutchinson/Bartlesville  WL       A        DET           (Available #2)      
1934    22     Wilmington Pirates          PIED    B        CIN            (Available #2)
1934(1) 22   Beckley Black Knights   MATL   C        CIN            (Listed as Evans)
1935    23     DeCatur Commies            IIIL      B         None         (Available #2)
1936    24     Macon Peaches               SALL   B         CIN            (Available #2)
1937    25     Macon Peaches               SALL    B        None         (Available #2)
1938    26     Nashville Volunteers       SQUA   A1      BRO          (Available #2)
1938(3) 26   Anniston Rams                 SEAL   B         CHW          (Available #1)
1938    26     Macon Peaches               SALL   B         None         (Available #1)
1939    27     Macon Peaches               SALL    B        BRO           (Available #1)        
1939    27     Marshall Tigers                ETXL    C        None         (Available #2)
1939    27     Portsmouth Cubs             PIED     B        PHI            (Available #1)
1940    28     El Dorado Lions                CSTL    C        None         (Available #1)   

Berney Everdon
Berney Edmond Everdon
Positions: Pitcher
Bats: Right                        Throws: Right
Height:  5’10                      Weight:  168 
Born: 11/2/1889                  Died:  10/1974

Year    Age   Team                                           Lg      Lev   Aff       Baseball Reference
1910 (1) 20    Maysville Rivermen                  BLGR   D      None   (Not Listed)
1912     22     Great Falls Electrics                 UA       D      None   (Available)
1913 (2) 23    York Prohibitionists                  NESL   D      None   (Not Listed)
1914 (3) 24    Omaha Rourkes                         WL      A      None   (Not Listed)
1914     24     Grand Island Islanders              NESL   D     None    (Available)
1915     25     Omaha Rourkes                         WL       A     None    (Available)
1916     26     Oklahoma City Senators           WA       D     None    (Available)
1916     26     Paris Survivors                          WA       D     None    (Available)
1917 (4) 27    Paris Athletics/Ardmore           WA        D    None    (Not Listed)